About Alouette Inc.
Alouette is a full-service marketing engineering company dedicated to helping you implement your marketing goals in the real retail world.
Alouette offers services ranging from the installation of merchandising fixtures and signage at a single new location to the rapid roll-out of marketing promotions at hundreds of locations within a matter of days.
Project Management
Alouette coordinates all of the elements in your project. From print production, fixture design and fabrication, and branding adherence to implementation and installation, we take care of everything within the scope of your project.
Data Management
Through our secure and proprietary Alouette Information Management System (AIMS), we survey and track the size, quantity, and location of your retail fixtures, equipment, and any other inventory information throughout your retail network you may require. With AIMS, you have 24/7 access to current inventory and installation progress on all of your locations and projects.
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